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Distributor & Supplier of COE Press Feed & Coil Equipment

Through COE Press Equipment, TCR Inc. offers an extensive selection of feed and coil handling equipment, designed and manufactured to improve your efficiency and streamline your operations.

COE’s coil handling and servo roll feed equipment extends from stand-alone roll feeds, straighteners, reels, cradles and air feeds to complete integrated coil feed line systems; from space-saving and compact solutions to the heaviest and widest systems available in the market today.

The COE Value Series Cut-to-Length (CTL) lines bring blanking capability in-house for cost savings and better production control. COE CTL lines can process all material types in coil up to 78” wide and 60,000# in weight, attaining speeds up to 60 SPM and 250 FPM.

Also available are washers, stackers, shears, and other systems than can bring efficiency to your press room. Our products are designed to refine the issues in press-based manufacturing by reducing scrap, simplifying speed control, and increasing reliability.

Contact us today to see how your Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Iowa or Dakotas production facility can benefit from TCR Inc.’s high quality distribution of feed and coil handling projects

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