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Regional Supplier & Distributor of Mayfran Scrap / Reclamation Solutions & Systems

Dependable, high performance conveyor systems are a must for effective and efficient production systems. Through our suppliers QC Industries and Mayfran International, TCR, Inc. provides a complete set of conveyor products, parts & components. Scrap management facilities are an absolute must for many production systems. Reclamation of scrap reduces material costs and helps the environment. TCR Inc. is a provider of Mayfran International scrap solutions. Mayfran is a leading manufacturer of collection, transport, and loading equipment systems. These innovative systems receive scrap from your press brake, machining, and stamping presses, using durable steel conveyor belts, in conjunction with press-mounted strap conveyors. They can carry very large amounts of scrap and operate in concert with a full roll-off system. Automation of this entire system can create even greater efficiency. Minimize the effort needed to manage scrap with a materials handling system from Mayfran International. Contact TCR, Inc. today and see how your metalforming facilities can benefit from the expertise and partners that are part of TCR’s team.

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