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Industrial Supplier & Distributor of Conveyor Belt & Material Handling Systems

Shuffle Conveyor Bulk-Handling
Shuffle Conveyor Bulk-Handling
125 Standard Series Conveyors
125 Standard Series Conveyors
AS40Z Angled Frame Conveyors
AS40Z Angled Frame Conveyors

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Dependable, high performance conveyor systems are a must for effective and efficient production systems. Through our suppliers QC Industries and Mayfran International, TCR, Inc. provides a complete set of conveyor products, parts & components. We are proud to carry QC AS40 conveyors. These conveyors are available with a wide variety of drive packages, have rigid aluminum frames, and up to 400 fpm high speed capability. Available from Mayfran are hinged steel belt conveyors. With oil tight frames available and frame parts that are assembled according to our client’s specialized conditions, these conveyors are available in 2.5”, 4”, 6”, and 9” sizes. Both QC and Mayfran offer systems for bulk handling and heavy duty systems, with features including self-lubrication, PLC control, quick belt changes, smooth high speed operation, and an innovative inner drive system are all part of our comprehensive selection. Contact TCR, Inc. today to see how QC and Mayfran equipment can develop your production capabilities at your Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Iowa, or Dakotas facility.

Conveyor Belt & Material Handling Systems Literature & Information

Product Features & Benefits

Shuffle Conveyor - Bulk Handling
Hinged Steelbelt Conveyors
QC Industries
Standard Conveyors
QC Industries
300 Series Indexing Conveyors
Shuffle Conveyor-Bulk Handling - Mayfran International
Shuffle Conveyor-Bulk Handling

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Hinged Steelbelt Conveyors
Hinged Steelbelt Conveyors

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125 Series: Standard Conveyors
Standard Conveyors - QC Industries

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The Smart Conveyor - QC Industries

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  • 250 Customers / 1000 Installations
  • Low maintenance, permanently lubricated
  • Custom, engineered for flexible solutions
  • Smooth, zero vibration, clean operating
  • 350 feet with a single drive
  • Offset, incline, telescopic, rubber and elevating conveyor options
  • These conveyors are use in the automotive, household appliance, audio-video, electric, bodywork profile and casting industries
  • The belts come in 2.5”, 4”, 6”, and 9” types
  • The frame parts are assembled according to each individual case and conditions, so various sizes and dimensions are not a problem
  • A belt tube passes through the formed or welded hinged loops to link the individual belt plates, simultaneously increasing the resistance to sagging and enveloping the full width belt pins.
  • Overlapping side wings prevent the ingress of parts or scrap into the chain running track
  • Tight tolerance belting and our unique snap-out sealed tail assembly provide for a quick belt change (less than 5 minutes) that is normally achieved without having to remove the drive packages or side rails
  • Width: 2" - 24"; Length: 24" - 144"; Load capacity: 450 lbs Speed: up to 225 fpm
  • High tensile strength belts offer superior strength-to-weight ratio and are available in over 50 various types
  • Each of the myriad of applications that exist requires certain performance characteristics from the conveyor. QC Industries has developed a sizing system that condenses all of these parameters into a common factor, namely equivalent load.
  • Low profile design provides tight product transfers and the ability to fit into space-constrained areas
  • Adjustable conveyor supports legs, ensures easy installation and compensates for uneven foundations
  • Precision indexing - tolerance to register a part to within ± .015” without sensors
  • High speeds - up to 2000 fpm with ramp up/down capacity
  • Custom cleats to integrate perfectly with any part or application
  • Self tracking V-guide thermally welded to the carcass of the belt
  • Nylon coated belt carcass to reduce friction and minimize noise
  • Positive non-slip drive pulleys

Product Features & Benefits

QC Industries
400 Series Heavy Duty Conveyors
QC Industries
Angles Framed Conveyors
QC Industries
Plastic Chain Belt Conveyors
QC Industries
Inner Drive Motors
400 Series: Heavy Duty Belt
400 Series: Heavy Duty Belt

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AS40Z Angled Framed Conveyors
AS40Z Angled Framed Conveyors

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Flextrac: Plastic Chain Belt Conveyors
Flextrac: Plastic Chain Belt Conveyors

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Inner Drive: Move the motor inside the conveyor
Inner Drive: Move the motor inside the conveyor

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  • Available in standard, corrosion resistant, washdown and magnetic styles
  • Quick belt change without removal of drive packages or guide rails
  • High speeds up to 2000 FPM
  • Optional V-Guide provides self-tracking unit
  • Ability to run multiple bands of belting on one conveyor
  • Widths up to 60" Lengths up to 100'
  • Z, L & R configurations for any elevating or lowering application
  • Rigid aluminum frame (with tee slots) resists twisting - a leading cause of tracking issues among competing conveyors
  • Optional V-Guide belts aid in belt tracking in hard-to-reach applications
  • Tension release tails flip up at the push of a button for easy belt changes and under-belt cleaning
  • Sealed, deep groove double-row ball bearings for higher loads and longer life
  • Widths: 8”, 10”, 12”, 18”, 21”, 24” Lengths: up to 20’ Loads: up to 120 lbs. Speeds: up to 200 FPM
  • Available in lengths up to 30’ and widths from 4” to 24”
  • These conveyors offer a very low profile; a maximum 3.03” at the drive end, with the remainder of the conveyor only 2.41” high
  • Heavy load carrying capacities of up to 500 lbs.
  • Feature industry-standard 1” pitch belts for maximum compatibility with existing plastic chain applications
  • They offer high speeds, up to 375 fpm
  • 44 standard belt options to meet the demands of any application
  • Belts for any application; more than 50 belt styles
  • Reduce downtime with the unique snap-in sealed tail assembly
  • Low profile design is only 2.54” tall
  • Easy application integration with the variable speed control card
  • Safe, efficient 24vdc motor
  • Horizontal or angled frame
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