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Local Supplier & Distributor of Ermak Press Brake, Laser & Plasma Cutting & Bending Systems

Press brakes are central to many sheet forming and manufacturing processes, providing support for the fabrication of many common parts. TCR Inc.’s partnership with Ermak brings customers a complete selection of press brakes, including high speed, heavy duty, energy efficient, and small scale models. For instance, Ermak’s EVO II Hybrid Press Brakes offer durable, environmentally friendly press brakes with an 18 liter oil capacity and a very fast 20 mm/sn bending speed. TCR also offers the Power-Bend Pro 3 Axis CNC Press Brake, which provides excellent solutions for precise bending needs. Our press brakes will save on manufacturing costs, improve cycle times, and increase bending and strength capacities. Overall, your production processes will save on operating costs and have greater ability to hold precise tolerances, up to ±.001” on some models. Contact TCR today to see how Ermak press brakes can give you a competitive edge in your facilities.

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