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Link Electric Supplier & Distributor of Mechanical Presses Control & Safety Systems

Robust controls and strong safety systems are absolute necessities for any world class stamping cell. Excellent control systems can increase uptime and production speeds, reduce costs from die crashes, monitor part quality and provide mistake proofing for the entire production system. Comprehensive safety devices protect both personnel and assets. With our technology partner Link Systems, TCR provides a varied selection of press control and safety devices, including Black Max infrared safety light curtains. Their proven design can handle the harsh conditions of a press room while providing the flexibility required accommodating the needs of production. The OmniLink II Press Automation Control can be added to any mechanical, hydraulic, or servo press, adding capabilities for PLS, Die Protection, Tonnage monitoring, set up reduction options such as auto shut height, and capacity to recall and store 1,000 jobs with all parameters. The 5100 APC is a full press control for mechanical presses having all of that plus a running history of press stops and unparalleled capability to handle automation interfacing of auxiliary equipment such as transfer systems, robots or other automation. The 5100 MPC, designed to be an economical control for systems requiring less automation, allows Link to provide solutions that meet all pressroom control needs. Greater productivity, simpler control and supervision, and real-time status info are all realized while ensuring a safe work environment. Contact TCR, Inc. today and see how your metalforming facilities can benefit from the expertise and partners that are part of TCR’s team.

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