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Supplier & Distributor of Quick Die Change Equipment & Systems

Pneumatic Die Lifters Stamping & Vertical Molding
Hedin Die Handling
Hedin Die Handling
Lenzkes Die Press
Lenzkes Die Press

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Add to your production and reduce downtime with quick die change solutions & systems from TCR, Inc. Die changes are required evermore frequently in stamping production systems to meet the needs for the super short production run capability demanded by our customers – our set up reduction technology supplied by Hedin, Lenzkes Clamping Tools, and Soph magnetic die clamping will significantly reduce die change and hit to hit time. Hedin offers low lift Die Change Carts available with capacities from 5 to 100 tons or more, and powered solutions to move heavy tools to eliminate injuries associated with this operation. They provide safe and accurate movement, radio remote control, and emission free electrical drive. Hedin’s Die Lifters provide many benefits as well, including simple installation, no oily mess, and a die lifter capacity at 80 psi. Their T Table and unique bolster extension designs will bring world leading efficiency to your tool changes. Lenzkes Clamping tools from Germany provide a host of high quality, quickly adjustable mechanical clamping systems. Their rugged and rapidly adjustable tools allow rapid clamping without extensive modification of tools to establish common clamping heights. Soph provides state of the art permanent magnetic die clamping technology that reduces tooling costs, eliminates potential injuries due to ergonomic concerns, and provide the absolute fastest way to safely and consistently clamp any size tooling. Contact TCR, Inc. today and see how your metal forming facilities can benefit from the expertise and partners that are part of TCR’s team.

Quick Die Change Equipment Literature & Information

Product Features & Benefits

Die Handling
Clamping Tools
Soph, Inc.
Magnetic Clamping
Die Handling – Hedin
Die Handling – Hedin

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Lenzkes Clamping Tools, Inc.
Lenzkes Clamping Tools, Inc.

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Magnetic Clamping – Soph, Inc.
Magnetic Clamping – Soph, Inc.

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  • Die splitters for press dies, die change carts, mould splitters for plastic injection moulds, die change auxiliaries
  • Easy change of heavy press dies
  • Safe and quick maintenance on press dies of all sizes and weights
  • Die change no longer requires immense strength, thanks to pneumatic die lifters with rollers/balls
  • Optimize setting up times and increase safety of die change process
  • Maximum clamping strength ranging from 24 to 80 kN
  • Clamps are made from hardened alloy steel
  • All clamps are both vertically and horizontally adjustable
  • Perfect to use on metal forming and stamping presses. Pressure die casting machines also pose no problem due to their immense clamping force
  • Designed by engineers for engineers
  • Die clamping with does not require die modification for quick die change system
  • Can be designed to hold dies on parallels
  • User friendly software allows easy system reset if any problem occurs
  • Safer than mechanical or hydraulic systems since the clamping force can be monitored and will be consistent over the operational life
  • No moving / wearable parts
  • Can hold dies larger than the press bed
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