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Industrial Supplier & Distributor of Feeds & Coil Handling Products

24 wide x 6,000# CTL w/Edge Conditioner and Drop Stacker
24 wide x 6,000# CTL w/Edge Conditioner and Drop Stacker
Power Straightener Equipment
Power Straightener Equipment
Servo-Catalog1.pdf – Servo Roll Feeds
Servo-Catalog1.pdf – Servo Roll Feeds

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TCR Inc.’s selection of feed and coil handling products are designed to provide cost savings and streamline your production lines. One example of these fine products is the COE Value Series Cut-to-Length line. Providing custom-engineered solutions for all material types, these products accommodate coil sizes up to 78” in width and weighing up to 60,000 lbs., with processing speeds up to 80 SPM and 300 FPM. Also available are COE Coil Reels, which features a unique bearing tube support of the mandrel using dual cup and cone roller bearings, accommodating widths ranging from 12” to 84”. Our selection also features straighteners, trimmers, and the exclusive Servo Master servo roll feed system. Our products are designed to refine the issues in press-based manufacturing by reducing scrap, simplifying speed control, and increasing reliability. Contact us today to see how your Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Iowa or Dakotas production facility can benefit from TCR Inc.’s high quality distribution of feed and coil handling projects.

Feed & Coil Handing Product Literature & Information

Product Features & Benefits

COE Press Equipment
Cut-to-Length Lines
COE Press Equipment
Coil Reels
COE Press Equipment
Power Straighteners
COE Press Equipment
Servo Roll Feeds
Cut-to-Length Lines - COE Press Equipment
Cut-to-Length Lines - COE Press Equipment

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Coil Reels - COE Press Equipment
Coil Reels - COE Press Equipment

(PDF - 430KB)
Power Straighteners - COE Press Equipment
Power Straighteners - COE Press Equipment

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Servo Roll Feeds - COE Press Equipment
Servo Roll Feeds - COE Press Equipment

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  • Variety of materials including CR steel, HR steel, galvanized, stainless, pre-painted, and aluminum
  • Can provide in-house blanking operations, cost savings, process streamlining, and improved quality and scrap reduction.
  • Automotive stamper, washroom equipment OEM, steel service center, aluminum service center, walk-in cooler OEM, contract manufacturer, air handling unit OEM, major appliance OEM, glass front cooler OEM
  • For processing of coil from 18"-72" wide, .020"-.375" material thickness, and 6,000#-60,000# coil weights
  • Systems 18" to 72" wide, materials .020" to .375" thick with coil weights from 6,000 to 60,000lbs
  • Muld steel, pre-painted materials, stainless steel, aluminum and specialty materials
  • In house CTL systems offer improved quality and cost savings.
  • Designed to provide a lifetime of reliable pay-off of primarily light and medium gauge coil stock material
  • Typically matched with the ServoMaster Series 1 and 2 servo roll feeds and 250 Series power straighteners
  • Equipment such as double-ended configurations, full OD backplates, coil clock-spring guards, and air operated coil hold down arms can be provided to customize each machine.
  • Extensive optional equipment can be selected to configure these reels to meet most application demands
  • Can be configured to work in a “pull-off” application with power straighteners and rollforming equipment, or provided as “payoff” reels with the drive mechanism to unwind the coil built into the machine
  • 2,500 to 60,000 lb coil capacity with widths from 6" to 84"
  • Powered and pull-off reels for use in payout or with a powered straightener
  • Bearing tube supported mandrel
  • Quick release keepers
  • Coil car, hold-down arm, fail-safe brake, auto adjusting brake, hydraulic expansion and other options available
  • Precision worm gear adjustment of upper straightener rolls
  • Independent adjustment of upper straightener rolls
  • Four roll catenary section assures proper material support
  • Potentiometer control variable speed loop arm with nylon roll
  • Optional hand crank entrance edge guides
  • .005" to .500" thick - 1" to 84" wide capacity
  • 7, 9 and 11 roll models
  • Optomized roll center distance for unmatched straightening ability
  • AC VAriable Frequency drives pared with arm, laser or ultrasonic loop control for smooth payout
  • Mild, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, high strength and pre-painted materials
  • Crodon plated pinch rolls
  • Pivot opening head, flash chrome plated rolls, digital readout of roll position and auto-set feature are some of the optional equipment
  • Optional alligator style peeler-debender for fast and safe threading available
  • True pivoting upper feed roll to assure full gear mesh
  • Air pressure regulator for exact feed roll pressure
  • Optional hand crank entrance guides
  • Machine lift rings
  • Sealed precision roller bearings
  • Rigid tie bar construction for precise assembly
  • Materials from 1" to 84" wide with thickness from .005" to .500"
  • True pivoting upper roll for exact roll pressure
  • Rigid tie bar construction
  • Coe exclusive servo master touch screen controls with feed advisor, step-feeding, and auto-set capabilities
  • Zig-zag and push-pull type feeds available
  • Optional pull thru straightener
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