Manufacturers Represented

Representative & Distributor of Leading Stamping Equipment Brands

At TCR, Inc., we take pride in our role as a trusted supplier of top-tier Stamping Equipment, encompassing renowned brand names such as AIDA, AP&T, Beckwood, COE, Link Systems, Machine Concepts, QC Industries, Soph, and Triform. Our comprehensive selection of equipment, from cutting edge presses to material handling solutions, addresses a wide spectrum of needs for stampers large and small. With a focus on quality, efficiency, aftermarket support and leading technology, TCR, Inc. stands out as the go-to resource for clients seeking industry-leading uptime and profits. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge products, supported by after-sale service, tailored to create a system designed for each client’s unique situation, ensures that stampers can rely on us to get the best possible ROI on their money.

Why Choose TCR, Inc. for your Stamping Equipment Needs & More?

TCR, Inc. serves as the perfect choice for buyers seeking supplier partners who bring options to the table, and expertise to assemble the best possible solution for their situation. As a supplier and distributor of reputable brands, we offer an extensive array of equipment, from leading press technology to robust material handling, providing solutions for their client’s production needs. TCR’s customer centric thinking, expertise in stamping processes and expert service stand out as a comprehensive resource in the stamping industry landscape. Regardless of your need you can be sure TCR Inc will be your trusted partner in assembling the best possible stamping system for your requirements. Contact us today and explore the breadth of our offerings, leveraging our expertise to help you become even more competitive than you are today.