Dexco Stamping Die & Mold Storage Racking Systems

Dexco Stamping Die & Mold Storage Racking Systems

When it comes to Ross Industrial/Dexco Racking markets, they are focused on providing three aspects: 1) safety, 2) durability, and 3) capacity.Dies on wide span racking

Dexco stamping dies and mold storage racking systems are a challenge due to the high weight and large size requirements. Standard roll-for

med pallet racks are inexpensive, readily available, and have adjustability. Unfortunately their limited weight capacity, limited shelf available dimension options, and low max weight capacity make them poorly suited to the task and sometimes even unsafe. Custom welded racks perform better but come with high costs, lack of adjustability, and often no PE weight certification.

Dexco structural wide flange I beam racks solve this problem. Using structural beams made from grade 50 steel these racks offer extreme weight capacities well suited to storing even the largest tools and molds. The system is readily customizable in dimensions and capacity so regardless of the size and weight of the tools to be stored, they can easily be built to suit the tooling. Additionally, the bolted shelf support beams allow for shelf

heights to be adjusted after installation if the need arises. Lastly, due to the units being designed to the same standards used for bridge and building design, you have the assurance that they are safe. They can be provided with PE certification to provide documentation of the racking’s strength and quality so your people can use them with confidence, knowing they are safe to store even the heaviest of tools safely.

What Are Some Examples of Dexco Stamping Dies & Mold Storage Racking Systems for Industrial Use?

Safety is an absolute priority. A good example is if you have a 30,000-pound tool on a shelf, 10 feet above the ground, along an aisle where

people walk, you have to be safe.

Durability is important because massive lift trucks set the tools down and pull them off the shelves, the units have to

High density die storage with small overhead crane on the racks

hold that huge weight and hold up when someone inadvertently bumps into the racks with those huge tools.

Capacity is an easy task to accomplish, as Dexco can handle even unfathomable weights. A rack that is made of 4 levels of shelves with the highest being 24 feet off the ground may hold 25 tons per shelf and have 100 or even more shelves per unit.

Whether you need to save floor space by using your facility’s available ceiling height to full advantage, creating pre-staging areas near the work centers, or just replacing unsafe racking, Dexco can help you. Contact us to learn more about Dexco’s racking solutions. Feel confident you are protecting your people and safely storing your tools and molds regardless of their weight or size.



FAQs on Stamping Die & Mold Storage Racking Systems

Check out our FAQs below to learn more about stamping die and mold storage racking systems from Dexco!

What is a Die Rack?

Rack is referring to the rack that is built to allow you to stack items vertically to save floor space. They are just very large metal shelves really. Warehouse racking is a huge category of racking but those are lighter duty. The Dexco racks are just huge high capacity shelving units. Die is a common word in the metal stamping industry. It’s synonymous with “tool”; “tooling”. It is a broad/generic term for all types of dies that go into mechanical presses, servo mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, servo-hydraulic presses, and valveless servo-hydraulic presses. More specific terms, (types of dies that fit under the broad category) include progressive dies; transfer dies; hand transfer dies; compound dies. Dies are made of metal and they are built to change the shape of a metal workpiece. The dies are opened and closed, with many tons of force, squeezing the metal workpiece between an upper and lower half. The presses are what open and close the dies, metal is inserted, and each time the press strokes the dies punch holes, bend, stretch the metal, and perform other shape-altering operations on the workpieces. The dies are very heavy.

What is a Mold Rack?

Molds are the equivalent of dies and tools in the metal stamping industry, but in the plastic injection molding industry they call them “molds”. They are even heavier than stamping dies, and the manufacturers that use them are potential clients for Dexco wide-span racking.

Are Mold Racks Different From Die Racks?

There is no difference between mold racks and die racks. It is just referring to the item being put on the shelf. The rack’s themselves are the same.

What are the Benefits of Storage Die/Mold Racks?
  • Extremely high weight capacity – needed for heavy dies and molds.
  • Saves floor space – without these extremely high-weight capacity racks often manufacturers are forced to put very heavy dies and molds on the floor. They cannot take advantage of their building’s high ceilings to store the tools up off the floor.
  • Complete customization of shelf dimensions is possible – standard roll-formed pallet racking is manufactured with tight size standards – focused on the larger market of storing goods on pallets. Also, when the tools are this wide from left to right they often exceed the weight rating of more commonly known shelves. Dexco can provide any width shelf, with enough weight capacity for dies.
  • Strength allowing even extremely heavy dies (weights of more than 50,000 lbs) to be stored very high in the air – safely.
  • Safety – often tools are stored in racking that is not strong enough, or are custom built but without certification – proof – of their safety and capacity.
  • Adjustability – due to the shelves being bolted together, they can be re-adjusted after on-site should the items being stored change over time.
  • PE rating is available = PE certification is proof that a certified PE (Professional Engineer), has reviewed and certified the design and materials to perform the task safely.
What Industries Do Storage Racks Serve?

Storage Racks serve industries including metal stamping, plastic injection mold companies; any industry that has large and heavy objects they want to be lifted from their warehouse floors and stored on racking shelves would benefit.

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