Supplier & Distributor of Quick Die Change Equipment & Systems

Expedited die changes are critical to facilitating the very short production run windows that our customers demand to remain competitive within their industries.

We offer set-up reduction technology supplied by Hedin, Lenzkes Clamping Tools. We also provide magnetic die clamping from Soph, Inc., which helps to drastically reduce die change and hit-to-hit times.

TCR’s Capabilities

The TCR team consults with each client to ensure that we understand all project goals and constraints, enabling us to produce an optimal solution that addresses all operational needs. Once a solution is determined, we will provide turnkey installation of all equipment.




Magnetic die clamping has the capability to perform a die clamp in less than fifteen seconds.

As the magnetic field is not electrically generated, these quick die clamping (QDC) solutions don’t lose holding force in the event of power outages. There is no faster or safer way to clamp a die.

Die clamping with a Magbo Electro permanent magnet doesn’t require die modification for quick die change systems and is safer than mechanical or hydraulic alternatives.

Magbo Electro permanent systems offer a range of other beneficial features, such as:

  • Does not magnetize the entire die
  • Holds dies flatter than peripheral mechanical systems
  • Can be built to replace existing bolsters
  • Can be designed to hold dies on parallels
  • No moving/wearable parts
  • Capable of holding dies larger than the press bed
  • User-friend software with easy equipment reset



We offer Hedin die carts, and t-tables.

Hedin die carts and t-tables allow for heavy press dies to be changed easily, safely, and efficiently.

Thanks to this equipment, die changes no longer require superior physical strength. Pneumatic die lifters with rollers/balls make ensure that dies can be changed by any worker.

This helps to increase operational safety and optimize equipment set-up times.



Lenzkes S style

Lenzkes products incorporate mistake-proofing and reduce setup times for mechanical clamping.

Designed by engineers for engineers, these clamps are highly adjustable and intended for use in a wide variety of applications.

You can easily find assistance in your own language, obtain a free trial, and get products shipped within 24 hours. Lenzkes clamping shoes and arms also feature a six-year warranty.

Quick Die Change & Die Handling Equipment from TCR

Please contact us for more information on quick die change equipment or our other offerings.