Metal Stamping Lubrication & Die Spray & Roller Coater Lubricators

TCR offers a full line of material lubrication systems for metal stampers.

These systems include roller coaters, sprayers, stamping oil mixing systems, lube reclaims systems and more. For more information on metal stamping lubrication, die spray lubricators, roller coater lubricators, and more, request a quote today!




Roller Coaters

  • Roller coaters are used to apply a variety of stamping oils to metal coil strip or cut blanks:
  • Available installed at the feed or as stand alone units for cut blanks


We offer several types of sprayers, each is suited to specific workloads and lubricant consistencies. Our product line includes:

High-Pressure Pedestal

High-pressure pedestals are best suited for applying thick, emulsified lubricants at rich dilution. This type of lubricants are often required in the processing of exotic materials or high-strength steels.

Low-Pressure Pedestal

Versatile in nature, low-pressure pedestals can be used for the application of a broad range of lubricants. These are used for the standard lower viscosity stampings oils that are most commonly used.

Alpha System

Reliable and effective, the Alpha System offers an affordable turnkey lubrication application solution for small pressrooms or vanishing oil applications.


The Ultra is a turnkey solution for highly viscous lubricants up to 800 cps. The lubricant is atomized with air at the nozzle to create an ultrafine spray.


Stamping Oil Mixing Systems

Mixing systems are a critical part of lubrication application. The wrong ratio of fluids affects the quality of finished products and wears on machinery. There are several product classes of fluids available, each suited to specific applications:

080 Series

  • This series is for medium to heavy-duty drawing and stamping of mild steels and aluminum. These fluids are the primary class recommended for aluminum stamping and forming.

090 Series

  • Medium-to-heavy stamping/drawing operations
  • Materials: Aluminum, mild steels
  • Typically for ferrous substrates

146 Series

  • Heavy duty stamping/drawing operations

Materials: Mild steels, high-strength steels Some 146 series products are compatible with galvannealed and stainless steels.

313 Series

  • Medium-to-heavy drawing/stamping operations
  • Materials: Zinc-coated steels (galvanized and galvannealed), mild steels
  • Ideal for zinc-coated steels

These fluids are for medium to heavy-duty drawing and stamping of mild steels and zinc coated (galvanized and galvannealed) steels.

323 Series

  • Light-to-medium stamping/drawing operations
  • Materials: Mild steels, some high-strength steels
  • Cost-effective

536 Series

  • Medium-to-severe stamping/drawing operations
  • Materials: Most steels (high-strength, mild, stainless)
  • Fortified with EP additives. It works with medium to severe duty drawing and stamping fluids. It is well suited for most steels, including stainless, mild, and high strength.
  • Choosing the right series for each metal and finishing process allows optimized application and clean running. In turn, there is reduced tooling costs and downtime.

Lube Reclamation System

Reclaiming oils is both economical and environmentally friendly. Reclaim coolant purification systems, which are suited for hydrocarbon and vegetable oils, can reduce lubrication requirements by up to 70% and offer a significant decrease in machine downtime.

We offer fixed, portable, light-duty, and heavy-duty systems to meet the customized needs of nearly any operation.


  • Portable system, well-suited for smaller facilities. Designed for smaller outputs of 0.3 to 0.7/gpm.


  • Fixed system. Designed for outputs of 0.6 – 1.0/gpm.


  • Fixed system. Medium  duty, offering 2.4 – 4.0/gpm outputs.


  • Fixed, heavy-duty system.


Learn More About TCR’s Material Lubrication Systems

Having the right lubrication systems in place at your facility increases machine uptime and ensures a quality end product. To learn more about TCR and the material lubrication systems, die spray lubricators, and roller coater lubricators we offer, request a quote today.