Steel Hinged Belt Conveyor Distributor & Central Scrap Handling Systems

Scrap removal and part removal are both critical components of an efficient stamping system.

Like a chain, your stamping system is only as strong as the weakest link. A slow-running, unreliable, or difficult-to-set-up scrap or part-out system will limit the profitability of your entire stamping line.

Don’t let a cheap shaker cost you 10% of your uptime.

TCR’s scrap and part-out systems offer safe, reliable, and efficient solutions to maximize the success of your stamping operation. As a steel hinged belt conveyor distributor and central scrap handling systems supplier, TCR will be your go-to source to solve your needs.

TCR’s Capabilities

For over a quarter-century, TCR has worked closely with our metal stampers to find the best systems for their application. Our experience and the technology of our vendors give us a great toolbox to draw from. Our process, working closely with our customers allows us to design, build and install the most efficient and profitable systems for their application.  

TCR is your go-to Steel Hinged Belt Conveyor Distributor & Central Scrap Handling Systems Supplier. We are a one-stop shop that offers the following for our customers:

  • Consulting on new or existing equipment. Let us use our expertise to find the right equipment for your application.
  • Design and build. Whether it is applying standard products or building custom solutions. 
  • Turnkey installation and integration on both new and existing applications.  

Product Features & Benefits



TCR uses shuffle conveyors for press mounted applications.  

These systems will run for years removing the scrap from your press with extremely high uptime.

Some of the features and benefits shuffle conveyors: 

  • Faster scrap movement
  • Available turnkey scrap tray packages
  • Faster tray changes
  • Low profile for easier die changes
  • Unmatched durability

Part Removal


TCR offers a variety of part out systems including: 

  • Standard low profile belt conveyors: belted conveyors come in various widths and lengths, fixed and variable speeds, cut resistant belting for part removal applications.  
  • TCR custom heavy duty plastic hinged belt systems  TCR designs, builds and installs our custom hinged belt systems to match your press. These conveyors are designed for faster set ups and will run for years without a belt change.    

Custom Conveyor Systems

IMG_1647 Part out slid out for tool change

We offer custom builds for conveyor systems manufactured directly by TCR. 

Custom systems can be tailor-made with specific drive packages, aluminum frames, and speeds that suit the needs of any customer application.

Please contact TCR for all your part and scrap handling requirements. 

Steel Hinged Belt Conveyor Distributor & Central Scarp Systems Supplier

TCR, Inc. has provided customers in an expansive range of industries with conveyors for part movement, scrap removal, and a broad array of other applications. Aside from system design and installation, we also stock a full line of replacement parts and components for all of the conveyor systems we work with. We will work closely with you to ensure we provide an optimal solution specific to your operation. We also understand that sometimes a standardized solution doesn’t exist—if this is the case, we’ll create one for you.

Please contact TCR for all your part and scrap handling requirements.