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The metalworking industry uses a variety of presses to build parts and components for products ranging from tables to turbines.

Presses shape metal through stamping, forging, punching, and many other processes. These machines come in several different types, each suited to the specific ranges of speed, volume, torque, and force that it would need to use when building a given part.

Ensuring that you’ve selected the best press for your plant’s requirements will ensure that using the most efficient processes possible.

TCR provides equipment sales, consulting, integration, and support services for facilities in need of all kinds of metal presses. We’re proud to be a supplier and exclusive distributor of presses from the industry-leading press manufacturers AIDA and AP&T.

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We supply the following four presses to clients across a wide range of industries:

  • Mechanical
  • Servo-mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Servo-hydraulic

Aida Presses

We offer and distribute an extensive range of mechanical and servo-mechanical presses from AIDA, a global company with factories in every major market in the world. In the U.S., Aida operates from a 177,600-square-foot manufacturing facility located in Dayton, OH. From here, they send components and finished products all across North America. AIDA-America builds presses ranging in capability from 300 to 3,500 tons. For special orders, AIDA-Global can supply presses that work with 35 to 3,500 tons.

TCR supports and distributes the following AIDA presses:

Mechanical Presses


NC1 Single Point Gap Frame Press

  • Delivers angular frame deflection of as little as 1/3 of competitive models
  • Made with welded steel frame, cast-iron slide, and oversized cast steel bolsters
  • Wet clutch resists wear caused by air friction, allowing up to four times as many single-trip cycles per minute as a standard air friction clutch
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection System (HOLP) provides fast response times, adjustable trip levels, and the ability to free stuck slides
  • 35–250 metric ton capacity

NC2 Two Point Gap Frame Press

  • Able to perform progressive and transfer press die work normally reserved for straightside presses
  • Incorporates HOLP to provide fast response times, adjustable trip levels, and ability to free stuck slides
  • Made with wedged steel frame, cast-iron slide, and oversized cast steel bolters
  • Provides angular deflection as little as 1/3 of competitive models
  • 110–250 metric ton capacity

NS1 Single Point Unitized Frame Press

  • Unitized straightside frame to reduce deflection and enable high-precision forming
  • Available in both crank and link motion models
  • Centered and full-length slide guides
  • Forced recirculating lubrication system
  • Incorporates HOLP to provide fast response times, adjustable trip levels, and ability to free stuck slides
  • Suitable for drawing, bending, and compression processes
  • 80–200 metric ton capacity

NS2 Two Point Straightside Press

  • Unitized straightside frame for minimal frame elongation
  • Available in both crank and link motion models
  • Uses forced-circulation lubrication system to improve Bottom Dead Center repeatability
  • Increased maximum SPM of 10%
  • Link motion enables press to work with difficult-to-form materials, and this process also extends die length
  • 110–300 metric ton capacity

MCX Straightside Press

  • Can include mechanical or servo capabilities as needed
  • Clients can choose between single or double eccentric gear drives
  • Offers standard or high-continuous working energy capacity
  • 1/4” or 1/2” rating points
  • Wide variety of stroke length and die height choices for each tonnage capacity
  • Zero-clearance roller-type slide guides as well as optional oil film version
  • 315–1,250 metric ton capacity


Servo-Mechanical Presses


DSF-C1 Single Point Gap Frame Press

  • 80-, 110-, 150-, 200-, and 250-metric-ton models
  • SPM from 1 (all models) through 196 (DSF-C1-800)
  • Die height from 12.6” (DSF-C1-800) through 21.3” (DSF-C1-2500)
  • Bolster area (LR × FB) from 40.6” × 23.6” (DSF-C1-800) through 68.9” × 35.4” (DSF-C1-2500)
  • 80–250 metric ton capacity

DSF-N1 Single Point Straightside Press

  • 80-, 110-, 150-, 200-, and 300-metric-ton models
  • SPM from 1 (all models) through 196 (DSF-N1-800)
  • Die height from 12.6” (DSF-N1-800) through 21.6” (DSF-N1- 3000)
  • Bolster area (LR × FB) from 35.4” × 23.6″ (DSF-N1-800) through  66.9” × 35.4” (DSF-N1-3000)
  • 80–300 metric ton capacity

DSF-N2 Two Point Straightside Press

  • 110-, 160-, 200-, 250-, and 300-metric-ton models
  • SPM from 1 (all models) through 175 (DSF-N2-1100)
  • Die height from 15.7” (DSF-N2-1100) through 25.6” (DSF-N2- 3000)
  • Bolster area (LR × FB) from 65.4” × 26.8” (DSF-N2-1100) through 94.5” × 47.2” (DSF-N2-3000)
  • Uses HOLP to improve response times, provide adjustable trip levels, and free stuck slides
  • Industry-best tolerances in terms of drivetrain clearances
  • 110–300 metric ton capacity

DSF-M2 Straightside Servo Press

  • Available in single- and double-gear configurations
  • Highly programmable stroke and velocity profiles
  • High-torque/low-RPM servo motors
  • Uses the Aida ECO Servo Press Energy Management System to boost efficiency
  • 315–1,250 metric ton capacity

AP&T Presses

We also supply a wide selection of industrial presses made by the AP&T Group. AP&T has developed innovative production equipment for sheet metal formers for more than five decades. Headquartered in Ulricehamn, Sweden, AP&T has sales representatives all over the world who are familiar with the challenges of each market—including us. As certified AP&T sales consultants, we will help you decide on the best press for your needs.

We distribute a full range of AP&T presses that support all metal-forming applications, including:

  • Drawing
  • Embossing
  • Punching
  • Press hardening
  • Deep drawing
  • Transfer applications
  • Tandem lines

Our complete selection of AP&T presses includes the following options:


Hydraulic Presses

image001 (5)

AP&T’s hydraulic presses are infinitely customizable based on your project’s specifications, and our sales consultants can work with you to design the optimal press for your needs.

With all hydraulic presses, however, you can expect superior energy efficiency combined with the ability to generate forces of between 100–20,000 tons (1,000–200,000 kN). Other attributes of AP&T hydraulic presses include:

  • Up to 50% less energy consumption than conventional hydraulic presses
  • Low noise levels
  • Easily recyclable
  • Compatibility with environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids
  • Less hydraulic fluid required than conventional hydraulic presses

Installing an AP&T hydraulic press will result in more productive cold forming and hot forming operations. In addition, these presses require 30% less maintenance than other hydraulic options on the market.


Servo-Hydraulic Presses


AP&T also builds a full line of servo-hydraulic presses, which we distribute across the country. Servo-hydraulic presses can generate a consistently high pressing force without sacrificing the energy efficiency and speed control offered by servo-mechanical presses. This enables manufacturers operating servo-hydraulic presses to perform a wide range of precision punching and pressing operations, even on small surfaces and with sensitive materials.

Like its regular hydraulic presses, AP&T’s servo-hydraulic presses offer a wide array of customization options that ensure that no two presses are exactly alike—unless the application calls for it. However, AP&T consistently delivers on designing each press to the following standards:

  • Generates acceleration and deceleration forces 250% greater than similar models
  • All processes and data are controlled by the Internet of Things (IoT)–based technology
  • Ability to pre-accelerate cushion when forming sensitive materials
  • The high degree of parallelism reduces wear and tear on tooling
  • Ability to work generate forces ranging from 100 to 20,000 tons (1,000 to 200,000 kN)

The unique design of servo-hydraulic presses enables them to operate with less downtime, more availability, and at extended service intervals. These machines’ scalable modular design and wide range of shared components mean that they can produce many different types of high-quality parts within efficient turnaround times.

Quality Products and Rapid Delivery by TCR

Based in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, TCR serves provides a wide range of equipment and support services to metalworking facilities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, northern Iowa, and the Dakotas.

TCR is a mechanical press equipment, servo press equipment, and hydraulic press equipment distributor. To learn more about our press product line, request a quote today.