Mechanical, Servo, & Hydraulic Press Equipment Distributor

The metalworking industry uses a variety of presses to build parts and components for products ranging from tables to turbines.

Presses shape metal through drawing, bending, forging, punching, coining, and many other processes. These machines come in several different types, each suited to the specific ranges of die size, speed, torque, energy, and force required to form a given part. TCR, Inc. offers presses for nearly every application.

Ensuring that you’ve selected the best press for your plant’s requirements is the beginning of the process. We will ensure that you are using the most efficient processes possible to make you more competitive.

TCR provides equipment sales, consulting, integration, and support services for facilities in need of all kinds of metal presses. We’re proud to be distributors of presses from industry-leading press manufacturers AIDA, APT&T, and Beckwood.

For more information on TCR and our services as providers of mechanical and servo-mechanical presses, hydraulic and servo-hydraulic presses, and all of the related accessory equipment and services, contact us today!

TCR, Inc. supplies the four primary press types to our clients across a wide range of industries:

Optimum Stamping Solutions, Quality Products, and Rapid Delivery by TCR

Based in central Wisconsin Rapids, WI, TCR, Inc. provides a wide range of equipment and support services to metalworking facilities. Our clients are primarily in the Upper Midwest of the USA, but we do work internationally and have supplied and installed systems in more than 9 different countries.

TCR, Inc. offers mechanical and servo-mechanical presses, standard hydraulic and servo-hydraulic presses, and all the necessary support equipment and services to establish an efficient stamping system. To learn more about our press product line, request a quote today.