Servo-Hydraulic Press Equipment Supplier

Servo-Hydraulic Press Equipment Supplier

Discover cutting-edge industrial solutions with AP&T Servo-Hydraulic Presses, exclusively distributed and supplied by TCR, Inc. Based in Ulricehamn, Sweden, AP&T brings over five decades of innovation to sheet metal forming equipment. As certified AP&T sales consultants, we understand global market challenges and will guide you to the perfect press for your requirements.

Our comprehensive range of AP&T Servo-Hydraulic presses covers various metal-forming applications, including:

  • Drawing
  • Embossing
  • Punching
  • Press hardening
  • Deep drawing
  • Transfer applications
  • Tandem lines

Choose from our array of AP&T Servo-Hydraulic presses to elevate your industrial capabilities:

Servo-Hydraulic Presses

AP&T Servo-Hydraulic Press Equipment

What are the benefits of servo-hydraulic press equipment from AP&T?

AP&T also builds a full line of servo-hydraulic presses, which we distribute across the country. Servo-hydraulic presses can generate a consistently high pressing force without sacrificing the energy efficiency and speed control offered by servo-mechanical presses. This enables manufacturers operating servo-hydraulic presses to perform a wide range of precision punching and pressing operations, even on small surfaces and with sensitive materials.

Like its regular hydraulic presses, AP&T’s servo-hydraulic presses offer a wide array of customization options that ensure that no two presses are exactly alike—unless the application calls for it. However, AP&T consistently delivers on designing each press to the following standards:

  • Generates acceleration and deceleration forces 250% greater than similar models
  • All processes and data are controlled by the Internet of Things (IoT)–based technology
  • Ability to pre-accelerate cushion when forming sensitive materials
  • The high degree of parallelism reduces wear and tear on tooling
  • Ability to work generate forces ranging from 100 to 20,000 tons (1,000 to 200,000 kN)

The unique design of servo-hydraulic presses enables them to operate with less downtime, more availability, and at extended service intervals. These machines’ scalable modular design and wide range of shared components mean that they can produce many different types of high-quality parts within efficient turnaround times.