Heavy Duty Material Handling Equipment Distributor

Stamping is more than presses and coil lines.

TCR is a heavy duty material handling equipment distributor of coil transporters, die trucks, die carts, and more. We offer strong material handling solutions for heavy loads that are a challenge for every stamper. We can help you with these issues as well.

We’re dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends, research, and technological advances. You can trust that you’ll have the most up-to-date, highest-quality products available. To learn more about our comprehensive offerings, please contact us.



Die Sensor Labs


Sophisticated die sensors require sophisticated tools for the tool room. TCR provides fully equipped sensor labs so your team can test and apply sensors on your dies.


Automated Bin Change Systems

Automated Bin Change

More and more often, your customers are requiring an exact count of your parts in a bin in ever smaller quantities. TCR provides bin change systems at the press to provide the exact count they want with change on the fly capability so your press doesn’t stop running.


Material Support Tables

Material Support

The material support carries the strip from feed to tool. This allows faster feeding without buckling, quicker and safer thread ups, and results in increased press speeds.

It can collapse into the window, out of the way for die change. It can extend into the die area to accommodate different tool widths.


Die Splitters and Die Wash

Die splitter

Die splitters offer a safe, effective way to clean and maintain your press dies, and they’re available in any size and design, customized to suit your needs.

They’re designed to be used safely and efficiently by one person, saving time and money. Hedin die splitters make maintenance of press dies of all sizes and weights safe and fast.


Coil Transport and Coil Loading

Coil Tipper

Coil cars are available in different sizes to handle coils weighing up to 50 tons; they can pick those coils up directly for transport to the decoiler.

They let you transport coils when you need to, without waiting for the next available crane.


Coil Upenders


Coil upenders offer a safe way to rotate coils 90 degrees so material delivered eye to the sky can be flipped upright for use on your coil line.


Stack Turnovers

stack turner

Our turners can accommodate various stack sizes, offering more flexibility within your operation. There’s also an adjustable side rail to prevent loss of control.

If desired, they can be operated continuously to improve time efficiency: the stack rolls out on a conveyor and is turned. Because stack turnovers are created as one ready-to-be-installed unit, they are quickly available when you’re ready to get one.


Heavy Load Lifting

Heavy load lifting

Need to move 100 tons? 200 tons? 500 tons? TCR has load lifting equipment for extreme weights or extreme sizes.


Long Load Lifting


If you need to transport long products or materials in your facility safely, TCR provides multiple solutions to assist you.