Dexco Racking & Storage System Products

Dexco Racking & Storage System Products

Storage Racking System Solutions

In the manufacturing and industrial world, maintaining a safe, time-efficient, and accessible warehouse floor can be a daunting task. Maneuvering through products and obtaining them can be difficult when not stored/stacked properly.

Dexco has the solutions to meet all your racking and storage needs. With Dexco’s racking and storage system products, you’ll maintain a safer and more accessible warehouse floor that provides your business with efficient solutions to get the job done right.

TCR, Inc supplies several Dexco racking and storage system products to meet your manufacturing and industrial needs. Check them out below to learn more!

DEXCO Products

Dexco Structural I-Beam & Industrial Coil Rack Systems

Dexco Coil Racking Systems

Safety. Time Management. Accessibility

Dexco Structural I-Beam & Industrial Coil Rack Systems are a great solution manufacturers turn to that are storing coils right on their factory floor. Not only does this take up a large amount of the manufacturing floor, this can also become a safety hazard. Structural I-beam coil rack systems provide a safer method for storing your coils. Storing industrial steel coils on these Dexco structural I-beam systems provide time management, as it will provide a streamlined process of efficiently obtaining and storing your steel coils. Last but not least, industrial coil racking storage systems provide easy accessibility to all your steel coil products.

Dexco Stamping Die & Mold Storage Racking Systems

Safety. Durability. Capacity.

coils stored eye to the sky on wide span racking

Dexco Stamping Die & Mold Storage Racking Systems are the perfect solution for manufacturers when it comes to safety, durability, and capacity. Safety is an absolute priority. A good example is if you have a 30,000-pound tool on a shelf, 10 feet above the ground, along an aisle where people walk, you have to be safe.

Durability is important because massive lift trucks set the tools down and pull them off the shelves, the units have to

hold that huge weight and hold up when someone inadvertently bumps into the racks with those huge tools.

Capacity is an easy task to accomplish, as Dexco can handle even unfathomable weights.

Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems

A Solution to Heavy Material Storage.

Cantilever racking systems are great to use for a number of efficiency issues, especially if you can find a supplier that can take on large sizes and weight stacks, typical in a fabrication shop. The solution is Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems! Dexco designs everything using grade 50 steel.

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