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Turnkey & Automation Solutions

TCR, Inc. offers turnkey and retrofit transfer / pick-and-place automation solutions for metal stampers.

In press and press-to-press automation gives companies flexibility, speed, and the capacity to scale their operations. Transfer systems reduce company expenses on labor and improve safety for operators. At TCR, we are your go-to automation equipment distributor and automation transfer systems equipment supplier. Call us today at 715.424.3887 to learn more!

TCR’s Automation Equipment Solutions & Capabilities

What are some of TCR’s Automation Equipment Solutions & Capabilities?

TCR’s automation equipment replaces the manual labor of transferring metal parts through successive dies. Our turnkey solutions start with professional consultations to provide metal-forming clients with the best possible advantage. Check out our automation equipment and transfer systems below!

Consultations identify:

  • Desired goals, such as production capacity, customizability, and more
  • Constraints, such as timelines, budgets, and market focus
  • Detailed project specifications
  • Once this consultation is complete, we create a customized solution
  • Material handling requirements for raw material, finished parts, and scrap

Our solutions include:

  • The automation equipment—also called transfer equipment or robots
  • Servo-mechanical and/or hydraulic presses based on the required capacity
  • Complete installation, and equipment training with end-to-end project management
  • Full system guarding and integration

AP&T Automation Equipment

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Why Choose AP&T Automation Equipment?

Automation equipment removes the risk of human error or injury from many of the manual, repetitive steps in the metal forming process. Automation also speeds up the metal stamping process for more efficient production cycles. AP&T’s automation equipment includes:

  • SpeedFeeders. SpeedFeeders deliver the sheet metal material to the presses. Depending on the application, they can push loads of up to 529 lbs (240 kg) through the metal forming process and may be mounted on the floor or the press.
  • Transfer systems. Many metal-formed parts need to go through multiple processes. Transfer systems move partially completed parts from unit to unit so the whole process is automated.
  • Robots. Robotic components perform ancillary operations throughout the metal-forming process. They handle the movement-based steps that connect different parts of the total operation.
  • Blank de-stackers. De-stackers prepare metal sheets for metal forming. They ensure the separation of stacked sheet metal to reduce errors. They also lubricate and precisely position the sheets so the presses can perform their function without any need for manual adjustment.

AP&T Transfer Equipment

What is AP&T Transfer Equipment?

AP&T’s transfer equipment can revolutionize your metal-forming processes. When your company’s metal forming operations require multiple stamping dies and/or processes to create the finished product, transfer units speed up the operation.

Transfer feeders reduce material consumption and labor costs. High acceleration rates increase your output and the ability to automate transfer rail exchange reduces setup time.

AP&T’s equipment uses modular designs with multiple standard weight capacities. This allows for customized application of standard product, rapid installation, and ease of expansion while maintaining an efficient price structure because they’re not recreating the wheel each time.

Standardized designs and components are used so you get proven designs, resulting in ease of maintenance.

What are Some Applications in Need of AP&T Transfer Equipment?

Options to suit your application include:

  • Extra transfer rails
  • Electronic synchronization features
  • Flipping stations
  • Active grippers

Turnkey Solutions That Improve Metal Forming Operations

The equipment your facility uses can radically streamline your company’s production operations. TCR, Inc. offers top-of-the-line metal forming automation and transfer system equipment to suit any relevant application. We also offer training, installation, and complete project management. 

Contact us today to learn how automation can benefit your manufacturing operation, and how TCR can be your go-to automation equipment distributor and automation transfer systems equipment supplier.