Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems

Do you have pallets of cut metal blanks for your laser or turret press stacked up all over the place using up valuable manufacturing space for storage? Are you overpaying material handlers and losing productive time as they move the same pallets over and over, shuffling the deck and trying to get to the right material? What about damaged materials due to repeated handling, costing you money; is that a problem too?

Cantilever racking systems are great to use for a number of efficiency issues, especially if you can find a supplier that can take on large sizes and weight stacks, typical in a fabrication shop. Unfortunately, the need for a high-weight capacity per shelf is an issue for most suppliers. This is especially true if you are storing 60” or wider blanks.

A Solution to Heavy Material Storage

The solution is Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems! Dexco designs everything using grade 50 steel. All welds are done full perimeter, and they have a large assortment of wide-face structural beams and especially heavy arm structures as sub-components, allowing them to produce racks for any weight or dimension using their standards techniques and materials.

If you need 3,000, 6,000, or even 12,000 pounds or more per shelf, Dexco has the capability to meet your needs. Do you want a rack that is 20-feet tall or higher? Dexco can meet your expectations for this, too. Single-sided or double, narrow aisle for side loafers or standard aisle spacing for normal, or articulated loft trucks, they can help you with any configuration you require.

Dexco can handle heavy loads, and small or large projects, with safe and effective racking solutions. This is a storage solution that can free up floor space and save you time.

What are the Benefits of Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems?

A benefit to choosing Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems is the comfort of knowing your racks come with a PE certification. This provides your safety department the assurance they need to confirm they are using a safe solution for heavy material storage.

Why Choose Dexco Cantilever Rack System Solutions?

Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems offer the strength, durability, and layout to store products of practically any dimension or weight. They’re most ideal for materials that are wide or bulky, or difficult to store on traditional pallet racks.

Especially for the use of structural steel, our designs can easily accommodate numerous adjustable arms which help maximize your floor space and can be engineered to handle virtually any load. If you need efficient safe storage for cut blanks of steel, aluminum, stainless, or any material, call TCR, Inc. for more information!

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