Replacement of Mechanical Press System for the Welding-Equipment Industry

A major manufacturer of welding equipment needed a solution that would allow them to increase production and capacity for one of their metal stamping lines.

At TCR, we specialize in delivering turn-key solutions to complex manufacturing challenges. In this project, we determined that the customer’s current hydraulic press system, which provided only 12 strokes per minute, would have to be replaced. After a collaborative effort with the customer, we provided a final analysis that included multiple solutions that would meet all of their requirements.

The final solution included an Aida 400 ton mechanical press, with a 10,000 lb. feed line, link system press control, and a diamagnetic clamping. The press could accommodate workpieces up to 120″ in length and 59″ in width, while the feed line was designed to accommodate a 36″ coil of up to .2″ in thickness. The new system would be used with ST44-1 steel, and provide stamping tolerances of ±.001″ at speeds of 20 to 60 strokes per minute, as well as much faster turnovers and higher up times. As a turnkey solution, we also provided complete installation, functionality, and runoff testing, as well as packaging and shipping of the parts and components to their Appleton, WI plant.

Not only did this project highlight our expertise in developing cutting edge manufacturing systems, it also allowed us to provide the customer with a long term solution that was quickly adaptable to the changing requirements of their process.

To learn more about this project or the processes used to complete it, see the table below or contact us directly.

Replacement of Mechanical Press System Project Highlights

Product Name

Aida 400 ton Mechanical Press, 10000 lbs. Feed Line, Link System Press Control, Diamagnetic Clamping

Product Description

Replaces Older, Slower hydraulic Press System

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Consulting
  • Installation
  • Shipping/Packaging
Bed Part Dimensions

Length: 120″
Width: 59

Feed Line Dimensions

36″ Wide Coil handling up to .2″ Thickness

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

ST44-1 Quality Steel

In process testing/inspection performed

Functionality Testing
Complete Run-off Testing

Industry for Use


Delivery/Turnaround Time

1 Year

Delivery Location

Appleton, WI