Dexco Structural I-Beam & Industrial Coil Storage Rack Systems

Dexco Structural I-Beam & Industrial Coil Storage Rack Systems

Storage Rack Systems for Master & Slit Coils

Storing coils of metal presents multiple challenges. Safety is the first because of the very high weight of coils used in metal stamping and roll forming operations. Traditional roll-formed warehouse racking just doesn’t have the capacity to hold full mill coils or even many slit coils. Even shipments of narrow slit coils are often on skids “eye to the sky”, stacked multiple coils high so those loads’ weights quickly jump up too.


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What Solutions Do Structural I-Beam & Industrial Coil Rack Systems Offer?


Dexco Coil Racking Systems

One solution people turn to is storing these coils right on their factory floor. Besides using up a very large amount of the manufacturing floor for storage, this can also lead to safety issues. If coils need to be moved out of the way to get to one, not accessible from the aisle, you have opportunities to knock over coils or even whole stacks. Sometimes the pallets the coils are on will fail as people stack them higher to get greater density. Some even see banding damaged leading to unspooling of coils due to mistakes by the lift truck drivers. With these structural I-beam storage rack systems and industrial coil storage rack systems set in place, you will alleviate concerns of knocking over industrial steel coils and also spare space on your manufacturing floor.

Time Management

In addition to safety concerns, storing industrial steel coils on the floor makes it extremely difficult to quickly get to the coil required. People often need to move whole stacks of coils to get to the required steel. Even if the right stack is on the aisle, sometimes the coil required is somewhere lower in the stack which must be un-stacked for access. This requires multiple handling of the material, pure waste in Lean terms. Having a Structural I-Beam Storage Rack System set in place will provide a streamlined process of efficiently obtaining and storing your steel coils.



Lost accessibility to coils stacked on the floor, especially slit coils one atop the other, causes lost money another way besides lost time. Damage of expensive steel and non-ferrous coils due to fork truck mishaps is common. Whether moving whole pallet loads of coils out of the way or taking the coils off of the stack to get to the ones on the bottom, multiple loading and unloading via lift trucks causes damage, increasing your material cost. Industrial coil racking storage systems provide easy accessibility to all your steel coil products.

Dexco Coil Racking Systems

Enter Dexco structural I-beam storage racking systems. Using the materials and standards common to bridge and high-rise construction, Dexco Coils Racks provide safe, high-density, accessible storage of your coils.


Do you want to store 60,000-lb coils at levels 4 or 5, or at an even higher level?

Dexco Coil Racks can do that!

Do you have pallets of slit coils that weigh more than 10,000 lbs, and you want to use your head room to save floor space?

That is not a problem for Dexco Structural I-Beam & Industrial Coil Storage Rack Systems.

In addition to the extremely high weight capacity of the type of racking they build, Dexco Industrial Racking is not limited to standard lengths, depths, or heights common to roll-formed racks. If you are using the standard 8-foot racks along a 30-foot wall, you have 6 feet of lost space. Dexco can build you two racks that are 15 feet long, which could provide racks along the entire wall. It is the same for front-to-back capacity, if you have 60, 72, or even wider coils, they can make those industrial shelving to suit your heavy duty storage racking system needs.

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