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Industrial Supplier & Distributor of AP&T Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Machinery

Through our supplier AP&T,TCR Inc. has added to its team a complete set of automation equipment to transfer components weighing from mere ounces to several hundreds of pounds, and world class hydraulic presses up to 25,000 tons. These versatile press automation solutions include blank de-stackers, press to press and in press transferring equipment, part flippers and more. All are designed to bring efficiency and cost savings to your production systems. Reliability, higher rates of production, reduced costs, and easier system management are just some of the improvements customers can expect, along with added flexibility from computer control and a modular layout. AP&T has adopted a modular design philosophy throughout its product offering, in both servo transfer equipment and hydraulic presses. This allows robust proven subsystems to be quickly arranged in new configurations, and enables stocking of standard components to support a myriad of systems in the field. The results are proven systems that are reliable, ease to maintain, easy to adapt for future needs, and offering both customization ability and economical pricing usually associated with higher volume manufacturing. Realize these benefits and more with AP&T equipment through TCR. Contact TCR Inc. today and see how your metalforming facilities can benefit from the expertise and partners that are part of TCR’s team.

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