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Industrial Supplier & Distributor of Mechanical & Hydraulic Stamping Presses

AIDA MCX Series Straight Side Press
AIDA MCX Series Straight Side Press
Direct Drive Servo Power
Direct Drive Servo Power

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TCR Inc.’s lineup of mechanical and hydraulic presses provide customers with efficient, profitable equipment with the production features they need. Our mechanical and servo press products are supplied by AIDA. AIDA is the world leader in mechanical and servo press, with manufacturing in the USA and around the world. With tonnages from 35 up to 3,500 tons, in gap frames and straight side models, AIDA provides more choices allowing the machine to be matched to the customer’s tooling needs. Aida’s technology innovations include Servo Press Direct Drive technology, with features including a high torque, low RPM servo-motor, manual step feed, CNC control, and an infinitely programmable stroke profile control with more than 20 pre-programmed motions. AP&T offers a wide range of standard hydraulic presses for the metal forming industry. From small 200 ton press up to multiple press tandem lines with tonnages all the way up to 25,000, APT&T provides a wide range of standard machines to suit your needs, and experience around the world in demanding applications. Also available are custom hydraulic presses from Beckwood. Designed for use in multiple applications, Beckwood has focused on provided tailored solutions to match unique customer needs. TCR is proud to offer quality presses with quality and after sale support. Improve your sheet metal forming processes with one of these advanced presses. Contact TCR, Inc. to see how we can benefit your Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Iowa, or Dakotas area metal forming facilities.

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Straightside Presses MCX Series
Direct Drive ServoFormer
Straightside Presses MCX Series
Straightside Presses MCX Series - AIDA

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Direct Drive ServoFormer
Direct Drive ServoFormer - DSF

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  • Frame components are massive steel fabrications to reduce deflection under load
  • Counter-rotating gears eliminate side thrust under load
  • Cast carbon fiber cylinder reduces packing wear, resulting in lower maintenance and elimination of air leaks
  • The AIDA ball screw slide suspension has approximately 1/3 the clearance of a wrist pin design
  • AIDA’s patented metal seal type hydraulic overload protection system is 7 - 10 times faster than conventional relief valve systems
  • Large touch panel display for easy viewing and improved operability
  • ECO Servo Power Management System allows for the storage of excess servo motor energy, as well as being energy efficient
  • Mechanical safety brake promotes operator safety for unintended slide motion
  • The high torque, low RPM servo-motor has minimal components, and creates a high torque curve
  • Manual step feed with hand wheel control of slide position eases die set-up and tryout with full energy capability
  • Extra-long 6-point slide guides allows for full guiding contact throughout entire stroke length at any adjustment setting
  • CNC control for large programming capability and operator ease
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