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Another Successful TCR Installation

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TCR recently completed the installation of this servo production system for progressive dies. The press is an Aida 700 ton servo mechanical. Even though delivered with a generous stroke over 15” long and the optional double gear reduction to provide full tonnage .5” above BDC, the servo can still run progressive dies over 55 SPM. Installed for a large contract stamper, the servo press is paired with a Coe feed line, capable of running coils up to 30,000 lbs at 42” wide, and HSLA materials over .250” thick. The set up is extremely flexible to handle a very wide range of materials and forming high in the stroke.

TCR provided integration of the line, with our signature high value touches to increase the lines uptime and productivity. TCR’s skilled trades team interfaced all of the system components and installed all of the needed accessory items to make the line fully functional.
Guarding was done with great attention to the client’s needs. Each client has their own unique processes for getting parts and scrap out and each guarding solution needs to account for them all while remaining compliant and easy to use.

A custom conveyor for part removal was designed and built by TCR. It provides extremely low maintenance over its lifetime enhancing the system’s uptime. Its belting dramatically outlasts traditional fabric belting, in most cases lasting several years before replacement.

This part out conveyor is installed on a custom conveyor mount TCR designed and built, providing powered raise and lower and tool-less adjustment in and out of the die area. This allows rapid adjustment to reach smaller or larger tools, at the optimum height, with minimal set up time. One person can move it out for die change and back into position with no tools in less than a minute.

A telescoping material support mounted to a vertical lift table provides rapid adjustment for set up reduction. It can be retracted for die change, and quickly moved out to meet the tool and adjusted vertically to match the passline height. The support allows for the extremely fast feed acceleration without buckling of the strip. This is a critically important detail that maximizes the full use of the press’s impressive speed.

The scrap system utilizes a mechanical cross bar that is rocked back and forth by Mayfran International’s unique shuffle drive. This electric motor driven scrap system is extremely robust, providing many years of production with a remarkable track record for uptime. TCR has multiple clients with these systems installed with zero un-planned downtime for over 6 years and still counting.

No Choice but to Automate

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TCR’s very own President Todd Wenzel was contacted for an interview recently by Metalfrom Magazine to discuss automation in the press room. It is both humbling and gratifying to learn that our work has had enough impact to draw attention like this and we appreciate the implicit compliment it represents.

Our many vendor partner’s have been a significant part of our success in automation and we feel it would be remiss if we did not highlight them, for without their partnership we could not have made such a positive impact in automation for our clients.

Thanks go out to AP&T, Aida, Machine Concepts, Link Systems, and Coe Press Room Equipment for their contributions to our work assisting clients become more competitive specifically when it comes to the application of automation in the press rooms we have been honored to work in. Thank you all for helping us help our clients with their growth efforts!

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