No Choice but to Automate


TCR’s very own President Todd Wenzel was contacted for an interview recently by Metalfrom Magazine to discuss automation in the press room. It is both humbling and gratifying to learn that our work has had enough impact to draw attention like this and we appreciate the implicit compliment it represents.

Our many vendor partner’s have been a significant part of our success in automation and we feel it would be remiss if we did not highlight them, for without their partnership we could not have made such a positive impact in automation for our clients.

Thanks go out to AP&T, Aida, Machine Concepts, Link Systems, and Coe Press Room Equipment for their contributions to our work assisting clients become more competitive specifically when it comes to the application of automation in the press rooms we have been honored to work in. Thank you all for helping us help our clients with their growth efforts!

Check out the Article here!