TCR Continued Growth

Expanding The Service Department

Despite the challenges of 2020 TCR has continued to grow. Just this November we expanded by adding another service truck and upgrading our technician’s gear to improve efficiencies at the job site.

Shown here are 1 of the electrician’s 2 new, heavy-duty toolboxes added to their arsenal.



Our techs cut foam to match each tool. Like shadow boards by the press, these provide organization to save time finding tools. Every tool is in its place, and the crew always know where everything is. This not only organizes the tools, but also protects them from the vibration of riding on the road to and from our customers’ plants.



The team is always on the lookout for new tools to make us more efficient. The new boxes provided room for what they added in the last year. We invest a lot in tools, but the return is faster work in the field so we can get our clients up and running quicker.



With the growth of our mechanical repair department, we also needed to add a 3rd toolbox that was outfitted specifically for that team. This will increase our mechanical repair team’s efficiency as well. Stay tuned for more expansion news in the mechanical repair department.



We at TCR are so excited about these new additions and can’t wait to send them out on the road!


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